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Large enough for a family

Large enough for a family

This fall the Neptune Beach Wednesday Night Bible Study Group of the Church of Our Savior launched a campaign to help those fleeing from the atrocities in the Middle East. Many who have been targets of ISIS, the brutal, renegade Muslim fighters, have been Christians. The church’s efforts also focused on the Yezidi who face particular persecution because of their religion that differs from the branch of Islam represented by the terrorists. As they poured into a neighboring country with nothing but the clothes on their back a devastating refugee crisis loomed.

Working through experienced people at a church in the region, the group here focused on buying a large, weather-sturdy tents. The goal of just under $600 was reached and there is already a family living in the tent. We praise God for the hearts that opened to meet this desperate need. So also do the Christians working there in the field.

The leader of the committee set up by the church in the locality to minister to the refugees recently wrote:

Faithful Servants of our Lord Jesus Christ,

An older couple share a tent

An older couple share a tent

I wish to report to you that your giving has given the believers (here) the ability to demonstrate the love of God to a people who only know Him by name. Your generosity has been tremendous, not only a witness to the Yezidi refugees, but also to all the Turkish believers who have taken part in giving items that your contributions have purchased. The believers are really encouraged by the outpouring of love fellow Christians around the world have demonstrated.

We have noticed that as a result, many of the people from the municipalities genuinely respect us as

Christians and have even begun to show spiritual interest. One woman we met while serving even gave her life to the Lord. Others have been asking deep and sincere questions. These developments are very exciting for us.

The fragrance of Christ is demonstrated in your sacrificial giving.