Kent Steen
July 11, 2017

July 11 Bullets from the Building Site

In general, our new building is proceeding according to the construction schedule and should be completed by the end of August, 2017. Some current activities: • As seen in the adjacent photo, stripping to hold the insulation and exterior trim is being applied to the external wall. • The installed sheet rock on the first […]

June 26, 2017

Church of Our Savior Building Construction Notes from 26 June, 2017

The Church of Our Savior multi-purpose building continues to take shape. Recent activities: • The fire sprinkler system was installed and passed a pressure test on Friday, 23rd of June. • The curbs have been installed throughout the road and parking lot. (See adjacent photo.) • Sidewalk forms have been constructed for pouring starting Tuesday, […]

May 26, 2017

Roof Takes Shape on Church of Our Savior Multi-Purpose Building!

The second floor Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) walls have been erected and ready mix poured to complete the process. Pre-fabricated trusses for the roof have been lifted by a crane and fastened into place. The adjacent images show the building status on Friday, May 26, 2017. The inside pictures show a view of the trusses […]

May 9, 2017

Second floor of our new multi-purpose building takes shape!

The ceiling for the first floor was poured on Tuesday, the second of May 2017. Shown below is the progress on a.m. of 9 May showing the forms for the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) being mounted into place. The view is to the North from the church’s southern lot. As with the first floor, when […]

March 23, 2017

Multi-Purpose Building Foundation is in Place

Our building program met another milestone this week when our foundation was poured. We are on track with the construction schedule as published, with an end summer finish date. In the coming days we will see the walls erected for the first floor. Of interest, the walls are ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms. The cavity […]

March 4, 2017

Site work continues, building schedule on track.

At the site The month of February witnessed the preparation of our building pad to receive the foundation. Importantly, our Building Permit was issued at the first of the month by the City of Jacksonville Beach. During the month General Contractor (GC) and our building team dealt with two separate initiatives from the City of […]

January 22, 2017

Major fill work completed at our building site

The photo shows the condition of our building lot on 21 January. (We are looking west.) The first phase of the site preparation is nearing completion. The next phase will involve installing the new water main on behalf of the city. This work should be undertaken this week. The pads for the foundation for the […]

January 7, 2017

Kicking Off 2017 by Clearing our Building Site

Happy New Year! We start our long awaited site improvement and building progress the first week of January, 2017 with our contractors removing trees from the building site at 2092 Beach Boulevard. (Please see pictures of the progress below taken by Bill White.)  We expect to have a fence across the public driveway leading to […]

December 23, 2016

Building site clearing and preparation to start early January, 2017

At last, the site and tree clearing permit has been issued by the City of Jacksonville Beach. This action clears the way for work to actually begin on the church’s building site at 2092 Beach Boulevard.  The first action will be to place an opaque fence across the public driveway leading to the lift station […]

December 5, 2016

Major Building Program Milestones

In a major milestone, on December 1st, Church of Our Savior closed on a loan of $1.25 Million through the generosity of Holy Trinity Anglican Church of Fernandina Beach.  At the same time we paid off previous mortgages held by the former owners on the remaining two building parcels.   Last week the site clearance permit […]

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