Building Program Progress
December 16, 2015

Request for Variance Approved by the City of Jacksonville Beach

I am pleased to report that the City of Jacksonville Beach Adjustment Board last night (Tuesday, 15 December) approved our request for a variance to allow us to be 10 Feet instead of 30 Feet from the City Driveway to the lift station. This means we can go forward with the site plan as it […]

November 21, 2015

Architectural Contract Signed with Ron Scalisi

We signed a contract with architect Ron Scalisi on 20 November to provide services through the final design, bid and construction supervision process for our new chapel. In addition, Ron will create a 30% or preliminary design for the Fellowship Hall/Administration building which will complement the new chapel design. The preliminary work will enable us […]

November 3, 2015

Variance Request, Site Development Plan, Construction Supervision Contract

On November the 3rd CoOS submitted a variance request to the City of Jacksonville Beach requesting that we be allowed to build within 10 feet of the City’s public driveway to the lift station that is contained within our lots.  We expect a ruling by December 15. Our Civil Engineer, Ed Goodson, is preparing a […]

November 1, 2015

Welcome to Our Building Program Progress Blog

Welcome to Our Building Program Progress Blog

Greetings Members and Friends of Church of Our Savior.  Welcome to a blog that will keep you current with the steps that we are taking to get our new chapel at 2092 Beach Boulevard built. And thanks again to all of you who made this journey possible by committing to our Capital Campaign, “Growing in […]

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