We Are Controlled by Our Lust for Control

March 18, 2018



In this sermon, Pastor David Ball shifts his Lenten focus from the vertical relationships between God and His people to the horizontal plane where we relate to those around us. Picture kindergartners playing happily together on the playground. An inspiring sight, right? Look a little closer. One child is poking another in the eye. One shoving another off the jungle gym. It is in reality, a war zone, a reflection of how we really live, always seeking to be top dog, the one in control. During this Lenten season David asks us to relinquish that control to Jesus.


Bible References

  • Genesis 3:8 - 24
  • Romans 8:18 - 25
  • John 13:31 - 35
  • Isaiah 11:1 - 9
  • Hosea 2:18 - 19